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Solcredito, loans without interest up to 1,000 euros

Additional information about Solcredito



Solcredito is a credit institution based in Barcelona that operates in Spain since 2011. In Solcrédito you can request up to € 1,000 and return the same amount of money you have requested. The first credit is free. The term is 30 days.

The main product offered is the short-term mini-loans that, in the beginning, can range from 100 to 1,000 euros, but later they can reach 10,000 euros, in which case you will have 5 years to return it. In any case, normalized online operations only contemplate the case of requesting up to 3000 euros. This money can be used for any need, without having to justify it since it is a credit without questions. It is very useful for specific moments in which fast money is required to pay an invoice or an unforeseen expense that we did not have.

The requirements to apply for money with Solcredito are: reside in Spain, be between 18 and 80 years old, have an email address, a mobile phone number and a national bank account. It will not be necessary to have a payroll, but to justify a usual source of income, so it is possible that they also accept the application being autonomous or commercial.

The loan company Solcredito has a system that rewards good clients, offering them better credit conditions and limits of money and time. According to a client requesting and returning punctual loans, your confidence level will increase and the system will offer you increasingly higher limits of money, up to 10,000 euros, longer repayment terms, and more advantageous conditions.

Solcredito is committed to offering a quality service and trust, so it expects the same from its customers. If you think you will not be able to repay the loan on time, do not request it. In addition, we must remember that this type of financing should be used for times of need, but not as usual, since fees are high. If you think you are going to be late with the payment, contact the lender as soon as possible. Solcredito may charge you a late payment fee ranging from € 1 to € 100, but this value may change, so before hiring any credit you should carefully read the terms and conditions of your contract.

How to apply for a loan in Solcredito

Apply for a loan


Solcredito offers fast online loans through the Internet, therefore it will be necessary to have a device with the connection (computer, tablet or mobile) and access the website of to start the application.

1.- Quantity and term. When entering the Solcredito website, the first thing we must do is to choose the amount and term of the loan. New customers can request from € 100 and up to € 1,000, any higher amount will be rejected. After dialing the amount you have to choose the return period and click on the “request” button.

2.- Next you have to fill in a simple form with basic contact information and accept the general conditions of Solcredito. After filling in this information, click on the “continue” button to continue with the loan application.

3.- The third step is an online form in which you have to fill in your personal data, basic income data, number of bank account in which you want to receive the money, select the reason for which the credit is requested and mark if the applicant is included in a list of type ASNEF or EQUIFAX.

4.- After filling in the above information, a new page opens in which you are informed if your application in Solcredito has been pre-approved, the amount of the quick loan and the interest you should pay. The approval is based on the data that you have indicated in the previous steps, now you simply have to verify the veracity of the data, for this you use the automatic Instantor system through which everything is checked instantly and online, thus avoiding unnecessary paperwork and waits. After that check, you receive the money at once.

The entire process of requesting the loan in Solcredito lasts no more than 10 minutes and accepts petitions even on weekends.

Rating and reviews of Solcredito

Rating and reviews of Solcredito

All the information we have given from Solcredito up to this point is the one we found on your own website, we have missed contact information such as a telephone number, interest information, APR, address in Spain and ways to return the credits. From our point of view, there is a lack of information that we consider important when making the decision to request a quick credit through the Internet.

Regarding the opinions of Solcredito we have consulted several external websites to Busconómico that collect opinions from real clients. Although there are positive opinions we found quite a few negative opinions as we can see in.

We have investigated a bit about the matter and it seems that Solcredito offers the first free credit without interest, but according to various opinions such as the one mentioned above, they charge a confirmation SMS for the request. There are other companies like Vivus with a majority of positive opinions that offer this type of loans without interest and without costs. If you have questions, you can use our quick loans comparator to find other alternatives.

Edition to November 2017: it seems that some aspects such as having a physical address have solved it (although the company is in Estonia), as well as the landline telephone that seems to be from Barcelona. Opinions to date have not changed since then, so the best thing you can do is compare this with other companies and you can decide if it suits you or not to request your money with Solcredito.